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  • News Headlines – 22-26 Jan 2021

    [Hong Kong] AML/CFT Regtech: Case Studies and Insights

    HKMA News, 21 Jan 2021

    The HKMA published a report titled “AML/CFT Regtech: Case Studies and Insights” highlighting the opportunities that Regtech offers to transform the effectiveness and efficiency of AML/CFT efforts, and sharing end-to-end approaches which worked in real-life examples. This report details case studies and insights of banks which have implemented technologies, including network analytics and robotic process automation (RPA), and is designed to provide practical guidance to banks at various stages of AML/CFT Regtech adoption.

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    [Hong Kong] HKEX Welcomes Inclusion of STAR Market Stocks into Stock Connect and Further Expansion of Southbound Stock Connect Trading

    HKEX News, 22 Jan 2021

    HKEX announced the inclusion of eligible A-shares listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange’s (SSE) Sci-Tech Innovation Board (STAR Market) into Stock Connect from 1 February 2021. SSE and Shenzhen Stock Exchange (SZSE), STAR Market-listed shares that are constituent stocks of the SSE 180 Index and SSE 380 Index, or have corresponding H-shares listed in Hong Kong for A+H companies, will be eligible for Northbound trading under Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect. Given the STAR Market’s special investor eligibility requirements, STAR Market-listed shares will only be accessible via Northbound Stock Connect trading by institutional professional investors.

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    [Singapore] Chinese bank's first overseas innovation centre opens here

    Straits Times, 26 Jan 2021

    Shanghai Pudong Development Bank (SPD Bank) has opened its first overseas innovation centre in Singapore, making Singapore its fintech beachhead to South-east Asia. The centre aims to promote fintech adoption and add value to Singapore's Smart Nation drive, said SPD bank.

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