FinTech and RegTech

FinTech and RegTech

Regional Asian governments are exploring new technologies to support FinTech companies and RegTech solutions to meet the greater requirements and higher regulatory standards imposed by regulators. Asian regulators have established regulatory sandboxes for companies to test new and disruptive products, services, business models and delivery mechanisms without having to deal with all the regulatory impacts of licensing and compliance at the point of initial start-up. However, challenges remain to fitting this enthusiasm into the existing legal and regulatory structures in Asia.

ComplianceAsia assists digital technology providers and users, robo-advisers, P2P lenders, payment services, crowd-funders, blockchain and bitcoin users to obtain regulatory licences in Hong Kong and Singapore and provide ongoing compliance support.

We have an extensive network in the FinTech and RegTech space, which has given us a unique edge in understanding your technology and local regulatory requirements.

Our team of experts can:

• Work with you and the local regulators to define the scope of your business and the potential licences you require

• Advise on cybersecurity and technology policies and procedures and regulatory requirements for data storage and management, and the use of the cloud

• Help develop compliant social media policies and monitoring tools

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