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  • News Headlines – 20-24 Nov 2020

    [Hong Kong] Eligible Collateral for the Renminbi (RMB) Liquidity Facility

    HKMA Circulars, 19 Nov 2020

    The HKMA announced that with effect from 19 November, the list of eligible collateral for the RMB Liquidity Facility will include the RMB, USD and Euro denominated debt securities issued in offshore markets by the PBOC, the Ministry of Finance of the PRC and the policy banks of the PRC.

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    [Singapore] MAS enhances RMB liquidity through a new RMB 25 billion initiative for banks

    MAS News, 23 Nov 2020

    The MAS announced the launch of a new initiative to provide up to RMB 25 billion of funding to banks in Singapore. The initiative will deepen RMB liquidity and further strengthen banks’ ability to meet the growing RMB business needs of their customers in Singapore and the region. With the introduction of the new RMB 25 billion initiative, MAS will discontinue the current RMB 5 billion MAS Overnight RMB Liquidity Facility from 23 November 2020.

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