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  • Daily News Headlines –14 Jul 2020

    Project Ubin’s Fifth and Final Phase highlights commercial potential, paving way towards live adoption

    MAS, 13 Jul 2020

    The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) and Temasek today jointly released a report to mark the successful conclusion of the fifth and final phase of Project Ubin. The report “Project Ubin Phase 5: Enabling Broad Ecosystem Opportunities  (3.53 MB)”, provides technical insights into the blockchain-based multi-currency payments network prototype that was built and describes how the network could benefit the financial industry and blockchain ecosystem.

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    SEC Charges App Developer for Unregistered Security-Based Swap Transactions

    SEC, 13 Jul 2020

    The Securities and Exchange Commission today charged California-based Abra and a related firm in the Philippines for offering and selling security-based swaps to retail investors without registration and for failing to transact those swaps on a registered national exchange.

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    CFTC Sanctions Two Firms Offering Digital Asset-Based Swaps for Illegal Off-Exchange Trading and Registration Violations

    CFTC, 13 Jul 2020

    The Commodity Futures Trading Commission today issued an order filing and settling charges against respondents Plutus Financial, Inc. d/b/a Abra of California, and Plutus Technologies Philippines Corp. d/b/a Abra International of the Philippines for entering into illegal off-exchange swaps in digital assets and foreign currency with U.S. and overseas customers and registration violations. This case was brought in connection with the Division of Enforcement’s Digital Asset Task Force.

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