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  • Daily News Headlines – 15 Jul 2020

    Revised BCBS Credit Valuation Adjustment (“CVA”) Risk Framework

    HKMA, 14 Jul 2020

    The revised version includes a set of targeted revisions to the earlier standards. It takes into account extensive feedback received on a consultative document issued by the BCBS in November 2019, which aims to align the relevant parts of the CVA risk framework with the final market risk standards.

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    Asia-Pacific firms can become ESG global citizens, Deutsche Bank regional ESG head says

    SCMP, 15 Jul 2020

    The European Union is requiring asset managers, insurers and pension funds to disclose ESG risks in their portfolios from 2021 and adopted a new classification system for defining sustainable finance at the end of last year, with the framework fully in place by the end of 2022.“Within the next few years, as companies increasingly build ESG criteria into their core investment processes, investors may end up buying ESG products without knowing it because most, if not all, products will be ESG products,” MacDonald said in KPMG’s Vision 2025 report, which was released June 9.

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