Regulatory Insights

  • ComplianceAsia Internal Audit Services

    It is becoming more and more common for the SFC to issue a negative inspection finding where fund managers in Hong Kong have not had an internal audit.  The requirements in the Fund Manager Code of Conduct seem to give some flexibility to Type 9 licence holders in Hong Kong and imply that an internal audit is only needed where practical but increasingly the SFC is taking a hard line stance on requiring firms to have internal audits.  For those fund managers that do not have an internal audit function in house it is possible to delegate this work to a suitably qualified third party.

    ComplianceAsia has a dedicated and operationally independent team of internal auditors working in ComplianceAsia Internal Audit to provide this service on an unconflicted and independent basis. We can provide internal audits, independent valuation reviews and SFC inspection support in Hong Kong.

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