Mainland China

Mainland China

ComplianceAsia Shanghai Limited

Address :
Room 4205-4207, 42/F,
Shanghai Tower,
No.479 Lujiazui Ring Road,
Pudong New Area, Shanghai
Tel :
+86 147 1431 1859

Mainland China

In 2018 we received approval to launch the first wholly owned foreign enterprise on the Mainland of the People's Republic of China engaged in compliance consulting for the financial industry. ComplianceAsia Shanghai launched in June 2018.

We are engaged in three activities on the Mainland:

Assisting Mainland China-owned or operated businesses launch and monitor financial firms in locations outside the Mainland such as Hong Kong SAR, Singapore, Europe and the United States;

Assisting foreign-owned financial institutions launch and monitor their operations on the Mainland of the PRC; and

Assisting asset managers and advisors registered with the Asset Management Association of China (AMAC) meet their obligations under Mainland regulatory requirements and international best practice.

Our office is located in the Shanghai Tower at the centre of the Liujiazui Finance District in Pudong, Shanghai.

Our experts are able to assist institutions with timely and incisive regulatory advice and guidance. We can prepare and deliver materials and advice in English and Chinese.

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