Change Tracking Service

We track important regulatory changes throughout Asia Pacific on a regular basis and can provide our clients with a quarterly service that keeps them up to date and informed about:

  • consultation papers including their release, response deadlines, closing and finalisation
  • changes to securities legislation including when they are proposed and gazetted, deadlines and final implementation
  • changes to regulatory codes and guidelines including when proposed and / or released
  • a summary of the terms of the consultation and how it will potentially impact a firm’s business
  • a summary of the new legislation and / or changes in rules and what steps the firm needs to take to be in compliance with the rules

Guides & Glossaries

We can offer our clients access to the following information across all Asian countries sourced direct from local language regulation and kept continuously up to date.

  • Glossary of Chinese acronyms
  • Guides to licensing and market entry
  • Guide to financial resources calculations
  • Guide to substantial shareholder reporting
  • Guide to short selling rules and short position reporting
  • Guide to cross border marketing in Asia
  • Guide to fund registration in Asia
  • Guide to OTC derivatives reporting, trading and clearing in Asia
We are happy to help on bespoke research projects for clients moving into new business lines or new markets.