There is growing regulatory expectation for financial institutions and funds to implement appropriate and robust corporate governance structures.

ComplianceAsia helps you to:

  • define corporate governance arrangements
  • decide on appropriate board level committees and write terms of reference for the board and those committees
  • implement procedures for board meetings and AGMs
  • implement reporting and escalation procedures
  • decide on the appropriate process for keeping minutes of decisions and record keeping
We also help our private equity and other clients manage their company secretarial process. We can undertake critical reviews of your existing company secretarial appointments to ensure that you are receiving the best pricing for the services you receive.

Our team co-ordinates your multiple company secretarial firms, keeps master schedules of filing dates for your SVPs and investment vehicles so you do not miss any deadlines, and optimise your team’s directorships. For staff who are also licensed with regulators we ensure that any changes in your details are provided to your regulators.