Once you have received your licence or registration, there is a number of obligations to the regulator that you must fulfill on an ongoing basis. These responsibilities can be time-consuming and overwhelming for a small compliance team or if you are based outside of Asian time zones.

ComplianceAsia eases your burden by providing services to help you understand your obligations, create a plan of action to meet them, and then delivers support to you to meet regulatory expectations in in Hong Kong, Singapore and the PRC.

The ongoing support program designed by our group involves a number of key elements:

  • dedicated compliance personnel
  • scheduled monthly compliance visits
  • developing and maintaining a compliance plan to monitor compliance with internal policies and external legislation and regulations
  • a compliance calendar to keep track and remind you of upcoming compliance deadlines
  • drafting and handling of correspondence and filings with the regulator
  • ad hoc compliance advice and assistance
  • keeping your compliance policies and procedures up to date
  • providing compliance training for you and your staff
  • preparing regular compliance reports for senior management
  • assisting with financial resources calculations
  • reviewing marketing materials for compliance

Each support program is customised from our standard program to meet your requirements. We work for firms that are not large enough to warrant a full time independent compliance function, where the compliance function is currently conducted overseas and where the compliance resources need to be supplemented due to either the complexity of the rules or current work pressures.

Contracts are flexible, do not involve up front payments, are not tied to other services agreements and are reasonably priced.

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Compliance Policies and Procedures

ComplianceAsia knows that legislation and regulations are always changing and that your business will grow and expand. We help you to draft and customise compliance manuals, compliance plans, risk management frameworks, operational manuals, AML policies and procedures, business continuity plans and internal control documents.