ComplianceAsia undertakes reviews of and updates to your Anti-Money Laundering Policies and Procedures and client onboarding materials to ensure compliance with local legal and regulatory requirements.

We can draft policies, draft procedures, prepare risk assessments and audit your existing operations.

We also have a specialist subsidiary to deal with cost effective ongoing AML requirements for different industry sectors.

In relation to screening, ComplianceAsia assists with investor or client screening by:

  • screening companies and their associated individuals through databases for sanctions, PEP and CFT monitoring purposes and including hard copies of the results on file as required to meet regulatory expectations
  • assisting with risk rating client files

We offer remedial services including:

  • Reviewing your AML documentation in client files;
  • Highlighting documentary shortfalls or errors in risk review;
  • Spot checks of your existing AML/CFT program;
  • Remediation based on post regulatory inspection reports;
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of your existing AML approach; and
  • Analysing how existing AML rules might impact your business.

ComplianceAsia undertakes reviews of the professional investor or accredited investor status of your client base to ensure that you have on file all the necessary documentation to substantiate that particular clients are suitably qualified.

We have assisted a number of Fintech startups with AML programs to meet existing and proposed regulatory requirements.

We have been delivering AML training for 15 years now and can provide customised AML training face to face or via online distribution to your staff both in an English and a number of Asian languages.

We also have contract AML staff available through our other subsidiary ComplianceAsia Talent Solutions.

Our subsidiary, AML Services Limited, based in Hong Kong provides specific support to Trust and Company Service Providers, Real Estate Agents, Accountants, Law Firms and Cayman Islands Funds to meet specific requirements of the laws in Hong Kong and the Cayman Islands.

In Hong Kong please contact either Philippa Allen (, Alex Duperouzel ( or Charles Wannan (

In Singapore please contact either Nithi Genesan ( or Hardy Hussain (